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Alexander Miras - Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology, Imperial College London, UK

Alexander Miras

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology, Imperial College London, UK

Dr Alexander Miras graduated from medical school at Imperial College London, UK, and trained as a junior doctor and Specialist Registrar in Diabetes and Endocrinology in the London deanery rotations between 2002-2010. In 2010, he was awarded with a Medical Research Council (MRC) Clinical Research Training PhD fellowship, which enabled him to investigate the effects of bariatric surgery on food reward using functional neuroimaging and behavioural methodologies both in humans and rodents. He is currently a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology at Imperial College London and interested in the mechanisms through which bariatric surgery and medical devices improve weight, metabolic control and diabetes-related microvascular complications.

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