US Endocrinology - Volume 9 Issue 1 - Summer 2013

Welcome to the summer edition of US Endocrinology featuring review articles on a range of salient topics including diabetes, blood-glucose monitoring, weight management, endocrine oncology, cardiovascular risk, pituitary disorders and pediatric endocrinology. In recent decades, the incidence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes (T2d) has risen to epidemic proportions which will present future challenges for healthcare systems. These two significant health concerns form the focus of this issue of US Endocrinology. The journal features articles on the links between vitamin D deficiency and obesity, particularly in pregnancy, and explores evidence for the role of vitamin D in preventing and treating cancer. There are many more articles featured in this edition and the broad scope of reviews presented herein reflects resurgence in endocrine translational research in response to a growing threat of metabolic disease; this is a global problem attracting attention from the United Nations and other international organizations. Please peruse and enjoy the other articles featured in this journal and do take time to take a look at our eJournal.


Blood Glucose Monitoring

Obesity and Weight Management

Endocrine Oncology

Cardiovascular Risk

Pituitary Disorders

Pediatric Endocrinology