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US Endocrinology Volume 14 - Issue 1 - Summer 2018

Welcome to the summer edition of US Endocrinology! This edition is focused towards patient care, education, and understanding in the diabetes and thyroid arenas.

In our Expert Interview section we spoke with members of our editorial board about some of the key issues facing patients with diabetes, and how physicians can help educate them on lifestyle changes such as nutrition and meditation to complement their treatment.

Gender equality is a key global issue, and in this edition patient advocate Sana Ajmal and colleagues comment on the difficulties facing women with diabetes in the developing world, and future measures to help address the issue. Continuing the theme of women's health, fantastic editorial board member Sanjay Kalra and colleagues discuss the scenario of prevailing sexual dysfunction faced by the women with diabetes, their etiology, diagnostic approaches, and its management.

Submissions are now open for our winter edition; please visit our Instructions for Authors and submission site for further information.



Expert Interview