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Call for Submissions 2018

US Endocrinology, 2017;13(2):49 DOI:

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it

Margaret Fuller

US Endocrinology would like to welcome colleagues from the endocrinology community to contribute articles to the Summer and Winter 2018 editions. US Endocrinology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of timely articles that aim to provide practical advice relevant to the clinical setting on the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine conditions.

Authors are invited submit original research, review articles, case reports, and editorials across all areas of endocrinology, for consideration. US Endocrinology is particularly interested in reports of real-world studies and topical review articles that provide a concise overview of the latest clinical trial data and developments in the field for busy physicians. Authors can submit their manuscript directly through the Editorial Manager site (details below) and the journal’s editor is happy to receive any presubmission enquiries you may have. Accepted articles are published open access, both in print and online, and authors are encouraged to publish accompanying multimedia content alongside the article.

We look forward to working with you.

Sharing knowledge helps it grow.

Sanjay Kalra and the US Endocrinology team